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New US dream

Devon GTX

While all world does not doubt at all that anybody is better than Italians sports cars does not make, Americans here already kind two ten years try to prove to everything, that too something are able. Epopees with creation of the best supercar of a planet has begun still with the advent of original Vector which appearance and the truth was promising. Further was Saleen S7 which have been made even in the 1016-strong version. But somebody now recollects them, if speech about supercars comes? Alas, no. It has revolted Scott Devon which has recreated Devon Motorworks specially again to try to prove to the world, that the superiority of Italians — only a myth.

Devon GTX

Devon GTX, for the first time it will be presented public on August, 15th at competition to the Pebbl-scourge, but already now the founder and the ideological inspirer of the project is ready to share a joyful message: the first car of mark Devon — the champion of a circle on line Laguna Seca, that in California: 1:35.075. It quickly? If to judge, that before one of the fastest cars on a planet, already proved the absolute leadership on «Northern Loop» Nurnburgring, Nissan GT-R was considered as the best Dodge Viper SRT-10 with result in 1:35.117, and, is content only 1:39.624 it is possible to recognise: Mr. Devon knows the business.

Technical details to keep in the strict secret. Neither a design, nor motor characteristics are not informed. But, you see, it is difficult to believe, that the young company is capable to be spent for some tens millions dollars for the sake of working out of the new supercar «from a blank leaf». Indeed! Though and it is not appreciable outwardly, Devon GTX is based on knots Dodge Viper SRT-10 with which struggles for a rank of the best on line Laguna Seca. And it means, that under a cowl — V10. Completely the aluminium motor in volume is capable to disperse of 8,4 litres standard Viper SRT-10 to 100 km/h less than for 4 seconds, and dispersal from a place to 160 km/h and the subsequent braking to zero for 12 sec. Maximum power V10 makes 600HP, and the twisting moment reaches 759 Nm. Means, Devon it is hardly easier Viper if smog win back precious shares of second on a line.

The cult Devon

The American dream


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