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GM has definitively got rid from Saab

Brand Saab

Corporation General Motors has closed the transaction on sale of affiliated division Saab Automobile to the Swedish manufacturer of sportcars Koenigsegg.

Brand Saab

GM and Koenigsegg have agreed about "very low" price for Saab, but the transaction demands from the government of Sweden of granting of guarantees for allocation of the loan by bank European Investment, Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter referring to sources writes.

Representatives of GM Europe and Saab from comments have refused, and Koenigsegg was not immediately accessible to comments. GM Europe in the middle of June has informed, that has entered into the agreement on sale of brand Saab Swedish Koenigsegg, and has declared, that expects to close the transaction by the end of the third quarter of current year.

Then analysts have concerned rather sceptically the union, specifying, that at company Koenigsegg founder, to this making small batches powerful cars in cost about $1 million everyone, is not present experience in management of the motorcar giants similar Saab. Last year Koenigsegg has made 18 cars, whereas Saab — more than 93 thousand copies.

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