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Honda will show in Tokyo a prototype of a mass electromobile

FCX Clarity

On the car market of an electrocar of mark can leave roughly by 2015 though the considerable part of a spadework is already done.

2011 Honda FCX Clarity

Honda Motor repeatedly declared and continues to declare, that real prospects of the future sees behind development of cars on storage elements or hydrogen fuel. Compact an electromobile the company plans to show a prototype on the International motor show in Tokyo in October. It's not promulgated yet any image of conceptual working out, on technical parametres also officially it is not informed. Honda only informs, that prototype creation is carried out together with the partner-developer of storage batteries company AKB GS Yuasa.

It's underlined also, that despite the considerable experience received at creation FCX Clarity, a batch production of electromobiles Honda will begin not earlier than 2015. By that moment Honda will be only one of many motor-car manufacturers in the given segment, therefore, to speak about defining, for a policy of the company, value of electromobiles — it's not necessary.

Nevertheless, to lag behind rather demanded segment Honda Motor does not gather, especially taking into account that on special mass character of the car on hydrogen fuel, till the end of next decade — to count it's not necessary, according to the statement of the Japanese company.

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