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Hummer H2 Espresso by Geiger Cars

Hummer H2

Munich studio Geiger Cars continues to please admirers of mark Hummer keeping optimism. Their new creation H2 "Latte Macciatto", named by name a popular drink from espresso and milk coffee.

New Hummer H2

30 inch chromeplated wheels with tyres 315/30R30 add impressiveness Hummer H2, become suddenly elegant in the new brown-beige appearance. Internal space Latte Macciatto is sustained in the same unique scale. For rest of passengers system Pioneer, a DVD-player and the monitor built in a ceiling are provided audio.

By tradition, the command of professionals Geiger Cars has supplied the turbo-compressor engine, having increased power to 547 h.p. at 5900 ob./minutes Now H2 "Latte Macciatto" is dispersed to hundred for 6.9 seconds, reaching the maximum speed in 228 km/h.

Last completion H2 includes also new brakes Brembo, additional stabilizers of the chassis and sports shock-absorbers. And that Hummer H2 "Latte Macciatto" it was possible to distinguish not only on appearance, masters Geiger Cars have completed Hummer H2 "Latte Macciatto" with special system of the sports exhaust, publishing a thunderous sound.

Luxury Latte Macciatto

Luxury Hummer H2

Salon Hummer H2

Disk Hummer H2

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