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Hummer has presented 4 novelties

Hummer H3 Moab

Display Hummer on tuning show SEMA becomes the defining moment for mark of legendary off-road cars which becomes now independent of company-founder General Motors.

Hummer on tuning show SEMA in Las Vegas

On tuning show in Las Vegas Hummer will present at once 4 cars: 2 concept cars and 2 sport prototypes. Besides, the company informs on renewal of financing of well-known rallies-commands Rod Hall Racing and Robby Gordon Off-road.

President Hummer Jim Taylor says, that the company is full determination «to be focused that has made mark successful, and to build dynamical off-road cars with the qualities satisfying requirements of our clients».

One of presented on SEMA concept cars carries name Hummer H3 Moab. The car is as much as possible focused on movement in the conditions of the most rigid impassability and has for this purpose all the most necessary: 300-strong V8 from H3 Alpha, the blocked differential, the strengthened spring Rancho, the special 35-inch tyres BF Goodrich Mud-Terrain KM2 dressed on two-compound 17-inch wheel disks Monster Black Competition Beadlock Raceline.

Among other features H3 Moabm — the strengthened protection of the bottom, luggage basket Gobi Ranger with projectors from Delta. To all it can add pair of chambers of supervision (in front and behind), integrated with modern system of navigation.

H3 Moabm

H3T Sportsman

Hummer H3

H3 Alpha

The second concept H3T Sportsman is designated as «a definitive variant of the lorry for tourism». "Sportsman" has received the same V8 H3 Alpha, but engineers Hummer at the expense of use of a head of cylinders LS2, a sports cam-shaft and exhaust system have added have added an order 70HP. Cross-country tyres BF Goodrich T/A on 20-inch disks from Hummer Accessory, and many other things urged to make the strengthened racks of suspension bracket Rod Hall Racing H3T Sportsman the best car for travel and extreme tourism.

Reincarnation Hummer

To pleasure of numerous admirers of legendary mark of American off-road cars Hummer revives. Display in Las Vegas becomes the first step in a new "independent" life of a brand.

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