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Nissan 350Z go to Europe

Nissan Z

The car will take part in final arrivals under the aegis of FIA on line Santa Pod in the Great Britain.

Project Zed by Nissan

«Project Zed» is one of most powerful of ever existing Nissan models Z, and it is probable also the most powerful. It's the first and while unique Nissan Z, which smog to meet with technical approval for competitions in class Pro. The founder and simultaneously the racer — automobile enthusiast John Bradshaw.

The founder assures (it proves to be true preliminary arrivals), that the car is dispersed to 96 km/h for 1,2 sec — one of the best indicators in a class. Impress figures of dispersal to 270 km/h — only 4,1 sec. Well and with that to whom and it will seem insufficiently not less, the author of the project has prepared one more parametre — dispersal to 346 km/h (such is speed on piece finish in a mile quarter) — 6,6 sec. By the way, this indicator, being one of the best, nevertheless not record, therefore «Project Zed» will meet a serious competition in the Great Britain.

Project Zed

Certainly, cars of class Pro are not intended for movement on roads of the general using, and much in their equipment never appears on civil cars. Nevertheless, 1,900HP of the power declared in the documentation on the car, the author of the project a smog receive by tuning of the regular 3,5-l 6-cylinder engine.

Final arrivals will take place from September, 10 till September, 13th on line Santa Pod. It's remarkable, that «Project Zed» is while the unique Japanese car declared on participation, therefore on «Project Zed» looks of fans of the Japanese technics are turned.

New Nissan Fairlady Z

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