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Nissan represents: Fairlady Z Version Nismo

Nissan Nismo

Company Nissan has made new sports car Fairlady Z Version Nismo on the Japanese car market. Novelty have equipped with exclusive bumpers, protection of thresholds and a back spoiler. Designers have changed the onboard computer and a cover of a motor coupe.

Nissan Fairlady Z Version Nismo

The new final system has allowed having increased power of the engine on 14 kw in comparison with the base version. Also the car differs exclusive aluminium wheels with tyres Potenza RE050A and a sports bumper.

Forward and back suspension bracket from Yamaha allow to lower vibrations. The car the hydraulic booster of a wheel, the seats fitted by a skin and a fabric, a steering wheel and the handle of the lever of the course, fitted by a skin has received, an exclusive upholstery of doors and an exclusive logo.

New Nissan Nismo

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