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Students have transformed base Corvette into a Coupe-cabriolet

Corvette coupe-cabriolet

The Holland designers have constructed on base supercar Chevrolet Corvette coupe-cabriolet Bewerp Savage Revale Roadyacht GTS.

Super Cabriolet Corvette

It's the unique supercar in the world with open top. The car is equipped by 6,2-litre engine V8 power of 670HP, dispersal to 100 km/h for 3,4 sec. The maximum speed — 330 km/h. Many details are executed from carbon and aluminium.

The rigid roof is displayed from a luggage carrier for 20 sec. Forward doors open in style Lambo/SLR. And the design of back doors is unique, similar to a wing of the butterfly. Cost Bewerp Savage Revale Roadyacht GTS — $340,000. The car exists in the single copy.

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