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Ford Focus of a new generation has gone on road tests

Hatchback Ford Focus

Sedan and universal Ford Focus already got to an objective of espionage chambers; the hatchback, on assurance of correspondent Worldcarfans — is not present. This means, that we see the first "natural" tests of the European version of hatchback Ford Focus of new generation. The big good luck!

Ka or Focus?

At first sight new Ford Ka which should appear on sale within 2010, a little than differs from "Focus" old. That — restyling 2008 of release. But it only outwardly. Moreover, that machine that has got in an objective of the paparazzi on road, — a prototype which the western news media has nicknamed "mule". It means what to look it is necessary not on appearance, and, whenever possible, under a cowl cover. But there for the paparazzi of a course is not present...

Ford Iosis

That who wishes to present now already as will look Ford Focus new generation, it is necessary to look narrowly more attentively at the conceptual working out Iosis Max, shown earlier in Geneva. New Focus will receive higher chassis (will not scrape on road a belly) which not in the best way will affect aerodynamics, but will promote drivings on soil roads and easy impassability. Prepare for the forward panel smeared in a smile and a glass roof. It's said that in Ford prepare for release electrified Focus, but if the given car and appears, most likely, only in the US car market.

2011 Ford Focus