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Mercedes-Benz cares about Nation Health

Pillows of safety

Inflatable pillows of safety have been invented more half a century back. But long time in the car it was possible to meet one, a maximum — two pillows: face-to-face the driver and the forward passenger. However then autoconcerns have understood that additional pillows not only will frame it image of manufacturers of safe cars and will add additional points EuroNCAP, but also will allow to earn more money, having enlarged car cost. And factories have started to exercise the wit in an ingenuity.

Lateral pillows, inflatable curtains, pillows for knees, pillows for all three rows, an inflatable pipe across windows, a pillow for the motorcyclist, a curtain for back glass. Last novelty in this area — a pillow from Mercedes-Benz.

Now — for back protection! Small small pillows will be hidden in pillows of seats and to be inflated upwards, protecting a hip of the driver or the passenger. It's necessary to notice that the trauma of a neck of a hip from which just and such pillow salvages, concerns the extremely serious. It, according to motor-car manufacturers will safe driving lives and will promote mortality reduction on roads as a result of road and transport incidents. PR managers report that the German concern became the first, thought up pillows for priests.

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