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Porsche Panamera will refuse a roof

Cabriolet Panamera

There were data that management Porsche intends to create a cabriolet on the basis of four-door coupe Panamera which sales have begun this autumn. It's supposed, that the open version of a sedan becomes little bit shorter than "donor" and will receive two doors to achieve rigidity of a body. The car with a rigid roof, will manage for 11,000 euros more expensively, than four-door coupe, whose floor price in Germany makes 94,575 euros.

Cabriolet Porsche Panamera

Most likely, open version Porsche Panamera begins to be completed with precisely same power ruler, as a sedan, including 4.8-l engine V8 of 500HP.

With this engine and seven-step transmission Porsche Doppelkupplung the cabriolet is capable to be dispersed by power to 100 km/h for 4,5 sec., and the maximum speed will make about 300 km/h.

New Trailer Porsche Panamera

While journalists do not have exact data on terms of occurrence of a cabriolet in the market, but a prototype debut it is possible to expect this year.

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