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Toyota prepares for sale 3rd generation of hybrid cars

Toyota SAI

World motorcar giant Toyota Motor Corp. Will make new, already the third car under the account, working on gasoline and an electricity, and will begin sales in since December of this year in the internal car market of Japan.

New hybrid Toyota SAI

New hybrid car SAI becomes already to the third under the account hybrid model Toyota after release Prius in May of this year and Lexus HS 250h in July.

The new hybrid is a car a sedan with volume of the engine 2,4 litres. The fuel expense makes one litre of gasoline on 23 kilometres that is comparable with usual midget cars. At the price of Toyota SAI should take a median place between Prius ($20,000US) and elite Lexus HS 250h ($44,000US). The price of model SAI in a base complete set makes about $37,000US.

Sales of the new hybrid car will begin on December, 7th this year in all four dealer networks Toyota.

Hybrid popularity

Hybrid cars and, first of all, Toyota Prius use the big popularity in Japan. This car became the leader of sales in Japan following the results of six months (April-September), all for this time has been sold more than 116,000 cars. In many respects it is connected with entered by the government of Japan indemnifications and tax privileges at purchase of harmless cars.

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