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Toyota prepares a minivan Prius

Minivan Prius

Toyota Motor prepares for start of new hybrid minivan Prius.

New minivan Toyota Prius

It will be the new car first completely has added in a series of hatchbacks Prius. New release of minivan Prius will begin in 2011. Also, Toyota aspires to keep cost of hybrid minivan Toyota Prius at level of cost of standard minivans.

Hybrid Prius

Hybrid Toyota Prius

Interior of minivan Prius

Prius, interior

Hybrid minivan Prius can become the first car by Toyota which will be equipped li-ionic by the accumulator of own working out. The car will be equipped by three rows of seats and sliding doors. Potentially Toyota Prius can contain to seven persons and it will be positioned in the car market, as the family car.

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