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Yenko will make again muscle cars

Yenko Camaro

In day of the 45 anniversary of autocompany Yenko the American corporation GMCI (General Marketing Capital Incorporated) led by Jeff Leonard has informed on brand purchase.
According to a communique, GMCI it is full determination to revive mark Yenko and to start a batch production of cars. Jeff Leonard has already consulted with top-managers of the companies, and plans to present in the near future conceptual and industrial versions of new cars Yenko.

Revival of legendary mark a muscle cars

As the new owner of the enterprise speaks, this year many motor-car manufacturers have returned to a theme muscle cars and Yenko also is going to follow a trend.
"Name Yenko is entered in history muscle cars, and we plans to restore these associations and to return to a brand the former historical importance", — has declared Jeff Leonard.

Historical marks Yenko

History Yenko conducts since 1960th years when in dealer centre Don Yenko Chevrolet it was possible to order special, more powerful, the version of any car of mark Chevrolet. In 1965 Yenko has prepared Chevrolet Corvair for racing command Sports Car Club of America. Then have appeared Yenko Super Camaro, Yenko Deuce, Yenko Chevelle, Yenko Super Nova, Yenko Vega Stinger and Yenko Camaro Turbo Z.

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