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The US officials have spent 3,4 billion on a motor-vehicles

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The government of the USA in 2009 has spent 3,4 billion dollars for the grant of the motor-vehicle pool consisting of 642,233 cars. Having analysed these data given General Services Administration, agency Associated Press, has come to conclusion, that the most part of these means is spent unreasonably.

Excessive wastefulness of the American government

In report GSA it's told, that the number of cars and total of the housing construction spent by the Ministry and city development of the USA in 2008 of fuel has decreased. However charges of vehicles, on the contrary, have considerably increased. Analysts Associated Press also have counted up, that expenses on transport in this department since 2007 has increased almost by 70% — to $2,1 million, and the analysis covers the period before essential rise in price of fuel.

As reports, the Department of internal affairs declared earlier the future reduction of the motor-vehicle pool, but instead has bought 1,500 more cars. At the same time, in the Ministry of affairs of veterans to be registered only five sedans which service manages in $353,470/year.

The personal driver for household needs

Besides, the minister of transport Mary Peters has on hand two personal drivers. Their salary for 2007 has made $128,000, and for the car for 12 months is spent $11,500. The representative of department asserts, that it's necessary for the minister two drivers as the chief works "24 hours a day and 7 days in a week".

The majority of heads of departments in the USA use one driver. For example, the Minister of Health and social services uses the personal driver, which annual salary — about $90,000. Thus, according to site, the average salary of the nurse in hospital makes about $35,000/year, and the revenue of the driver of the head of the Commission on equality observance at employment — $46,000.

"It is one of bleeding parts of the budget not only in one department, and in many departments", — the chairman of committee of the Senate under the finance, the senator from the State of Iowa, republican Charles Grassley, the old opponent speaks "embezzlers of the federal budget".