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Keating TKR

Supercar Keating

Last week the British company Keating has promised, that car TKR becomes the fastest in the world the serial supercar. Also has constrained the promise. On a surface of the dried up salty lake in American state Utah Keating TKR about 418,59 km/h were dispersed.

Engine LS7 from Chevrolet Corvette

The full information on characteristics of the car is not present, it is known only, that under a cowl at TKR there is a 7-l engine with two turbo-superchargers, as the donor for which motor LS7 from Chevrolet Corvette served. Power of this engine makes improbable 1800HP.

Besides, the car is equipped by a skeleton of safety and a brake parachute, and the weight of the car makes only 1000 kg.

Achievement Keating TKR has broken the previous record, belonging supercar SCC Ultimate Aero (413 km/h). The third place for well-known Bugatti Veyron, with a speed of 407 km/h.

Supercar Keating TKR

I will notice, that Keating TKR is on sale in Britain about ₤250,000 Prime minister of the supercar has taken place in April of last year, and since that moment the company has sold 4 cars — one car has been bought in the Great Britain, two have gone to Australia, and one more was ordered by the collector from the USA.