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Supercars 2011 will be More Powerful and More Expensive

Bugatti Bordeaux

Crisis could not kill aspiration of the mighty of this world to possess worthy cars. Sales of all types of cars fall, but the companies continue to develop all new and new supercars, the prices on which euro below several hundreds thousand will not fall, and in due course, most likely, will grow only.

Bugatti Bordeaux

Bugatti has already officially confirmed plans on start in manufacture of new model Bordeaux. But on it the information on the project while comes to an end. It's known only, that it will be a tourist coupe with the salon calculated on four persons. It is necessary to recognise, that representatives Bugatti it is masterful hide from the paparazzi that is almost ready to a premiere. Hearings go, that Bordeaux can already show in the autumn in Frankfurt.

Most likely, at first the second model in the newest history Bugatti will appear in the status of conceptual working out, but in a year the car can be ordered. Car testing is made in the conditions of the strict privacy — that is not known even, how many doors will be at Bordeaux, and this question is very important: many believe, that Bugatti there is no sedan. It's not known even, what motor will stand on this mysterious car. But probability of that Bordeaux will receive the same 1001-strong W16 with four turbines, as Veyron, is rather high.

Ferrari 590XX

Ferrari 590XX

Ferrari with might and main tests 599XX, and in any way it does not hide. Though this monster is interesting, more likely, from purely theoretical point of view as the given car is not intended even not for use on usual roads, is a new stage in program Ferrari on work with loyal clients. The client receives for the sum of some tens millions euro in the order the car, a command of mechanics and some racing sessions on various ring lines, that is, actually, Ferrari employs new test pilots and also earns on it considerable money. Results of arrivals also are useful: they are used at designing of new models Ferrari. The car is constructed on the basis of Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano and structurally develops the ideas designed in a serial coupe. But the list of updatings impresses: one only the engine has been completely altered.

Aerodynamics of the car is brought practically to perfection: for the speed in 200 km/h clamping force is equivalent 200 kg, and on 300 km/h this indicator increases to 630 kg. While standard 599 GTB Fiorano 2006 modelling years are dispersed from a place to 100 km/h for 3,7 seconds, the test version 599XX carries out dispersal for 0,5 seconds faster. The maximum speed — “more than 330 km/h”, is more exact while to tell difficultly as the program of tests, as a matter of fact, only begins.

Brakes are calculated on hard work on a racing track. They are supplied by system of the ventilation similar applied in “Formula-1”: under wheel disks the special composit overlays optimising air streams for the best cooling are located.

Is not going to have a rest and Lamborghini. Days Murcielago on a post of a leader of the company proceed on are not present, next year the new super-child will be presented. That it for the monster, is even less the than information, than about Bugatti. Clearly only, that the novelty will be easier and much more powerful Murcielago, that is, power of the engine of the new favourite will make not less than 640HP. And here the project on release of sedan Estoque while is frozen: there are no money resources.

Aston Martin

And here Aston Martin it is already ready to make serially sedan Rapide. It's known, that Aston Martin Rapide it is completed 550-strong V12 by the engine from DB9. Many elements of design Rapide are borrowed a coupe so it is possible to guarantee, that in management this large enough car can give pleasure even to the most exacting drivers. The prices and exact dates of occurrence of a novelty on sale are not clear yet, but one it is possible to tell precisely: the number of admirers Aston Martin will increase in Europa several times — at us love supersedans.