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The American tuner will show competitor Bugatti Veyron in Geneva

Supercar Venom

On Wednesday the American tuning studio Hennessey Performance Engineering has informed that 1st own model of the company — 1200-strong supercar Venom GT — will be presented general public in March of next year on automobile show in Geneva. On the technical characteristics the car can make competition Bugatti Veyron.

Venom GT

For the first time on creation of the supercar the founder of tuning firm Hennessey John Hennessy has informed on plans in the end of 2007. However in comparison with an original project the serial car will receive a number of changes in a technical stuffing. For example, instead of 1000-strong 8,5-litre V10 with two turbines, it decided to use the eight-cylinder motor of own working out by power about 1200HP Besides, the weight of the car will be lowered with 1224 to 1088 kg.

Venom GT

The new engine of the rear-wheel supercar will be aggregated with a six-step mechanical transmission. According to studio Hennessey, with such power-plant Venom GT it can be dispersed from zero to 96 km/h for 2,4 seconds, to 160 — for 5,3 seconds, to 240 — for 8,9 seconds, and to 320 — for 14,3 seconds. The maximum speed of a novelty will make 440 km/h. When Hennessey Venom GT will appear on sale, and also will cost how many such car yet it's not informed.

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