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Bugatti has presented a superhatchback 16 C Galibier

Bugatti Galibier

Frankfurt leader Bugatti will not carry. A name of the tsar of cars not Bordeaux as it was specified earlier, and Galibier. In honour of pass Galibe in the Pyrenees — the most difficult site of race «Tour de France».

Supercar Bugatti 16 C Galibier

Germans go in the footsteps of Romano Artioli, unsuccessfully trying to revive greatness of mark Bugatti. The Italian after all-wheel drive supercar EB110 in 1993 intended to mass-produce model EB112.

It's positioned Galibier as concept: in Bugatti have decided to wait and look at reaction of public. But during couple of years the car all the same will mass-produce. The body is made of carbon, and brilliant doors and forward wings — from the polished aluminium.

New leader Bugatti —

the successor of the Golden Age when the prestige was defined by number of cylinders. Under a car cowl have placed the 16-cylinder motor in volume of eight litres, supplied with a two-level supercharger. The maximum power of the engine, on hearings, makes 800HP, and the power unit can work on ethanol.

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