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Sales of roadster Nissan 370Z begin in Europe

Nissan 370Z

The roadster appears on a car market of the Great Britain. The car is improved according to requirements of the ecological standard of "Euro 5", as the version 370Z with a coupe body. 3,7-l V6 develops power in 324HP. On a choice two transmissions: a 6-step mechanical transmission with function SynchroRev Match or the newest 7-step automatic transmission. To buyers will offer all complete sets: base and GT.

Roadster Nissan 370Z

In the standard version 370Z Roadster it is equipped with 18-inch carbon wheels, the electric drive of armchairs, the button of "Start/Stop" of the engine. In version GT there are 19-inch wheels, furnish of salon to a natural skin or suede of black colour, cruise-control and audiosystem Bose.

Cost of a New Nissan 370Z Roadster

Cost Nissan 370Z Roadster makes in the Great Britain from 29,900 pounds sterling for the base version to 36,150 pounds for complete set GT. Among the additional equipment it is possible to allocate multipurpose navigating system Connect Premium with a hard disk in capacity 40Gb. The system has the colour touch screen, DVD and has USB-port for connection of MP3-players similar iPod. For music storage the additional hard disk in capacity 10Gb is provided.