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TSX becomes the 1st Acura hybrid

Sedan Acura TSX

After all some days after the message of president Honda Motor Takanobu Ito that among Acura there will be a hybrid, appear details. Referring to own sources in the company, wished to remain unknown persons, Automotive News tells, that the first hybrid model becomes Acura TSX. Thus, the first assumptions already made independent experts prove to be true.

Hybrid version Honda Accord for the USA

The car will appear on sale in the USA in 2011, that is hybridization will concern still present generation TSX. Not less important question which arises in this connection, consists in, whether there will be the hybrid version Honda Accord, almost full copy of which European version is Acura TSX. Official representatives of the company while have decided to sustain a pause, having given to that noble soil for occurrence of various hearings.

Only sedan Acura TSX

But some moments any more do not cause doubts.
First, to hybridization it will be subject the most part of lineup Acura, at least sedans: with crossovers the question is not solved yet.
Secondly, the company definitively refuses, thus, plans of creation of the eight-cylinder petrol engine. But if earlier absence V8 was perceived as a lack in the light of the new policy it can be propagandised on the contrary as advantage.

According to official representative Acura of Ashes Gary Robinson, the idea of the big clumsy and gluttonous sedan looks today a little wild. Conclusions from this follow the unequivocal: a touchstone becomes concerning a small sedan, that is TSX, and after a sedan, depending on a number of conditions, on the market there are larger hybrid models of ruler Acura.

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