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2010 Mazda RX-9 coupe

Mazda RX9

Mazda company plans to exhaust in three years on the car market of the ideological successor of coupe RX-7 which as it's supposed, receives name RX-9 and begins to be equipped with the engine with an electric turbocharger.

RX8 is stoped...

The Japanese motor-car manufacturer intends to keep a turbo-engine for the future sports car in spite of the fact that the similar unit used on car RX-8, differs bad fuel efficiency and a small twisting moment. Besides, because of too expensive modernisation of motor RX-8 which was necessary that the engine corresponded to ecological requirements "Euro-5", Mazda company had to refuse deliveries of this model to Europe. It's expected that manufacture RX-8 will be stopped next month.

Mazda RX-9 with new type of Turbo Engine

As informed earlier, the new turbo-engine can satisfy not only to the standard "Euro-5", but also more hard requirements "Euro-6" which are coming into force only in 2014.

One of last modern versions of Mazda engine has been presented on the conceptual car Taiki debuting three years ago on autoshow in Tokyo. This 1,6-l motor developed 350HP.

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