Car Trends + [Overboost]

2012 BMW M Coupe
BMW 1-Series

On the International Motor Show in Detroit the US division of BMW showed the serial version of 1-Series M Coupe. Car dimensions: 4,379 mm (length), 1,803 mm (width), 2,659 mm (wheelbase). From usual M1 version the new BMW M Coupe has a new bumpers providing the best access of air flows for cooling of the engine and brakes, the expanded wheel arches and relief thresholds of a body.

The advanced engine management system of BMW 1-Series M Coupe engages Overboost function, thus by pressing on a gas pedal quickly gives out additional 50Nm. Thanks to it the car is accelerated from a place to 100 km/h for 4,9 sec, thus the max speed limited by electronics to 250 km/h.

BMW 1-Series Coupe