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KIA Optima (Magentis)
KIA Optima

On the International Car Show in New York, KIA Motors presented Optima sedan of new generation. Optima will accessible for sales of the European car dealers in this year. This car — the next certificate of the innovative approach of KIA Motors to creation of new cars.

2011 KIA Optima

KIA Optima than the second generation is longer, wider and below the previous version of model which has been presented in Europe under Magentis brand name. The new KIA car is created on a new platform a sedan, allowing to provide optimum balance of the sizes and proportions.

2011 Optima

Optima new generation is one more big step to evolution of KIA design. Simple and smooth lines of a body create elegant, but the expressive style. The general accent is made on the chromeplated elements of a car body. Each detail in design Optima bears in itself a particle of new original style by KIA.

Source of outstanding Optima dynamics — a ruler of the new power units providing best in a class a combination of power and profitability. Some of Optima's engines are equipped by system of direct injection of fuel and a turbo-supercharging. In 2011 there will be also the hybrid version of KIA Optimum intended for the US car market.

Test Drive: Kia Optima