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Nissan modernises 370Z

Nissan 370Z

Company Nissan starts car manufacture 370Z Nismo into which base complete set the full package of completions Nismo enters. Nissan 370Z Nismo $39,1300US will cost in the North American market, writes Japancar.

Nissan 370Z

For surcharge offer the improved rugs of salon ($115) and a luggage carrier ($95), and also illumination of the bottom part of salon ($200). 3,7-litre engine V6 of 350HP works as power together with mechanical 6-step transmission with the pull together transfer numbers and function SynchroRev Match optimising the moment of switching — this working out Nissan has while no analogues.

Power of the usual engine: 370Z — 332HP. In complete set Nismo have increased power by 18 h.p., parametres of work of the engine, especially on low turns, are essentially optimised, at the expense of what speed increases. The car has received also the modernised systems of release and air fence, the new electronic block of engine management, more powerful brakes, a rigid sports suspension bracket and differential of the raised friction. 19-inch shod disks RAYS are put in tyres Yokohama ADVAN Sport. The aerodynamic weather-cloth is specially developed for this version.

2011 Nissan Nismo

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