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Five rare Chevrolet from Don Yenko

Chevrolet Yenko Nova

At auction Barratt-Jackson five will be sold rare Chevrolet, finished by company Yenko. It's personal collection Gary Holub which will be shown public for the 1st time.

Chevrolet Nova

The collection includes four models Camaro and one Chevy Nova. Cars really rare, they have been checked up by several experts before have got on auction. The prize at number 1278 represents yellow Camaro 1969 of the release, known also as «Preston and Lawrence Yenko». It is one of three copies which Don Yenko has sold associations NHRA. Under a cowl engine V8 L72 427 power of 425HP and volume of 7,0 litres. The car is prepared for high-speed races, therefore at data Camaro a special cowl, an exhaust and a suspension bracket.

Chevy Nova

One more Chevrolet Camaro 1969, exposed on auction (the prize 1277.1), is collected too specially for NHRA. Under a cowl of this copy completely the aluminium engine 427 ZL-1. Such cars it has been created for NHRA only 50 copies, but painted in is dirty-green colour, as an auction copy, only 10.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro

Camaro 1969

One more Camaro the same colour and modelling year (the prize 1277) also is completed 425-strong V8 with an index 427. Similar cars 30 pieces are made, and the given copy has the complete set of documents from COPO Connection.

The fourth Camaro in the list is version Turbo Z of 1981 of release (a prize 1276). Such cars it is made only 19 copies though it was planned it is more. The auction copy has individual number 10, and it is unique the car from 19 made which has received award Don Yenko Memorial Award. The car has perfectly remained and has an original complete set.

The prize 1276.1 represents silvery Chevrolet Yenko Nova. Similar cars 175 copies, but with a silvery ex-terrier only 25 are made. Under cowl LT1 V8 in 350 volume of 5,7 litres from Chevrolet Corvette.

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