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SMS Twenty Fifth Anniversary Mustang Concept

Knight Rider

The well-known Steve Saleen who has left recently company Saleen and has organised new tuning office under name SMS, celebrates 25 years in a car business. Anniversary has not done without the exclusive car — 720-strong SMS Twenty Fifth Anniversary Mustang Concept. Concept-car it is similar on those first "Mustangs" whom Saleen created during first time of occurrence of model of the fifth generation in the end of 2004. The cowl is stylised under classical and has red light-emitting diode inserts, as at well-known "Knight Rider".

The Legendary Knight Rider

Under a convex cowl there is mighty motor V8 in volume of 5,0 litres and mad power in 720HP. Such gain gives presence of high-efficiency mechanical supercharger SMS CNC Ported Saleen, and also a number of the firm modified accessories from SMS.

On the legendary car there are 12-inch brake disks behind and 6-inch in front. It not the privilege, and a compulsory measure for the car with such power.

Interior SMS Twenty Fifth Anniversary Mustang is modified in the best traditions of company Saleen. The car it is created while in an individual copy, but hardly Saleen on it will stop, therefore it will be soon possible to expect the beginning of sales of similar "Super-mustangs".

Anniversary Mustang Concept

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