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Saleen have improved next Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

Main tuners Ford Mustang, engineers of company Saleen, have shown the 1st photos of model Saleen S281 Mustang 2010 modelling years which official premiere will take place next Tuesday within the limits of tuning show SEMA.

Ford Mustang by Saleen

In spite of the fact that in company Saleen while refuse to open the basic characteristics of the next masterpiece created on the basis of Mustang, suggesting to wait motor show opening in Las Vegas, journalists managed to receive the preliminary information on the car.

For Ford Mustang in company Saleen formed in 1983 by former race driver Steve Saleen, have developed a unique bodi-kit who has made and without that effective model is even brighter. Experts have created for the car a new cowl, a radiator lattice, aerodynamic a bumper and hardly appreciable back spoiler. Aggressive forms Saleen S281 Mustang underline four branch pipes of an exhaust system.

Ford Mustang Saleen S281

Ford Mustang 2010

According to WCF, for the clients the company can offer, at least, two engines: the atmospheric 4.6-l engine power of 335HP and 465-strong engine V8 with a supercharger. While it only guesses of journalists — the trustworthy information about model becomes accessible in day of opening SEMA.

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