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New Buick (sedan)

Buick Regal

Last week we informed, that North American motor-car manufacturer Buick has chosen a name for the new sedan, and today car Regal constructed on the basis of Opel Insignia, the best European model 2008, first time have photographed the paparazzi in the USA.

New sedan Buick Regal

North American sedan Buick Regal if to judge on a photo, outwardly differs from German model Opel Insignia a lattice of a radiator and a company emblem. Besides elements of design cars divide many technical components.

As writes WCF, power ruler Buick Regal should include a 2-l turbo-engine power of 217HP and the 256-strong motor in volume of 2.8-l.

Buick Regal VS Nissan Sentra

It's expected, that Buick Regal will arrive on the market only in a body "sedan". Buick yet does not specify terms of an exit of a novelty, but, under the preliminary information, the model will appear on sale in the USA in the end of 2010.

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