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New Buick Exelle will debut on a motor show in Beijing

Sedan Buick

New compact sedan Buick is found out on last test tests. Some western experts assumed, that new compact Buick sedan is developed on the basis of Chinese hatchback Buick Excelle XT which actually is twin Opel Astra, and today their guesses have proved to be true.

Buick Exelle GT

On last release press photographers managed to make photo of a back part of a compact sedan on which the inscription "Exelle GT" flaunted.

Paparazzi during informal photosession have glanced in car salon, but anything interesting have not found out: the interior of the future four-door car practically "is copied" from salon Opel Astra.

Interior of Buick sedan

New Buick Interior

Earlier it was informed, that the novelty will be completed exactly with the same engine as at Cruze, including the petrol engine 1,8-litre power of 141HP (176Nm), and also the 113-strong engine in volume of 1,6 litres. It is not excluded, that the model can receive a hybrid power-plant.

According to Carsspyphotos, the world presentation of new sedan Buick Exelle GT will take place in the end of April on the international motor show in Beijing.

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