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Buick has made clone of Opel Astra

Buick Excelle

Buick — the American manufacturer of cars, corporation General Motors branch — has presented on a motor show to Guangzhou the new model Excelle similar on Opel Astra new generation. Buick Excelle is not the first clone of models Opel, earlier Buick has presented for the Chinese market model Regal similar on Opel Insignia.

Hatchback Buick Excelle

The difference between Excelle and Astra consists in other lattice of a radiator and a company logo. At first Buick Excelle the hatchback with three petrol engines will be accessible in a body: 1,6 both 1,8L and a turbo-engine of 1,6HP from a 6-step check point. Later in the Chinese market there will be sedan Excelle.

New Buick Excelle

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