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New brake system for Mazda

Red Mazda

Japanese company Mazda Motor plans to complete special brake system for all new models of the cars. Such decision was accepted after scandals round a response worldwide cars Toyota which most part has been withdrawn because of inadvertent acceleration in connection with malfunction of a pedal of an accelerator.

At 1st a brake!

The company also intends to complete the updated brake system in all already existing models of the brand. System work consists that by simultaneous pressing gas and brake pedals, paramount value is given to brakes.

Mazda, on 11% belonging to company Ford Motor, did not receive any messages or complaints to problems with brakes or involuntary acceleration, however the company has agreed on safety strengthening in the cars after scandalous world responses of cars Toyota.

By the way, Toyota Motor Corp. also has informed, that has completed the cars with more safe brake system. Mechanisms of such type are and at some cars Nissan.

2010 MazdaSpeed3

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