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Barrett-Jackson '11: Pontiac Solstice

Roadster Pontiac Solstice

Among the cars exposed at auction Barrett-Jackson in the USA, there was legendary Pontiac Solstice (roadster and coupe). Today, this automobile brand does not exist any more, and it means that in due course the given car becomes rather popular among car experts.

2011 Pontiac Solstice (roadster)

However, doubtfully enough to tell that Pontiac cars are in demand among automobile collectors. The matter is that last model Solstice — the blue roadster which has descended from the conveyor in 2010 — has been sold all for $25,300US. And it for the legendary muscle car with the 260-strong 2-litre engine!

The first of last 12 coupes Solstice GXP made in 2010, has been sold to new owner for $55,000US. However, last represents a special version of Heritage which had time to be in duplicate — with automatic and mechanical gear boxes.