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2011 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet

Ford Mustang Cobra

Into the Internet are placed details about a new brawny race car — Mustang Cobra Jet. The new Mustang concept which Ford Racing prepare especially for drag racing, in new version receives aluminium V8 with a turbo-supercharging.

2011 Mustang Cobra Jet

Mustang Cobra Jet received popularity in the late sixties the last century as a race car intended for the speedup races. Ford Motor in 2008 returned to release of muscled Mustangs and every year updated a firm's heavyweight bolides.

Fords Racing do not hasten to share the information about a new generation of the Mustang retro, but the information nevertheless got to the Internet thanks to one of the Puerto-Rican Ford car dealers. Thus, 2011 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet receives aluminium 430-strong V8 in volume 5,4 l with mechanical turbocharger TVS and connecting rods Manley. All horsepowers through a specialised racing 3-step automatic transmission will be realised.

Besides, in comparison with a last year's race car, engineers of Ford Racing reconsidered a suspender and brakes. Mustang prototype received a safety framework, racing wheels and a sports inner trim.