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Roush Perfomance has presented 427R Mustang

427R Mustang

Well-known American tuning studio Roush Perfomance already in fifth time "pumps over" cult car Ford Mustang.

427R Ford Mustang

Roush 427R Mustang have equipped with the engine in volume of 4,6 l with firm supercharger ROUSHcharger for which account power of the unit has increased to 435HP, and twisting moment — to 542Nm. Engineers of studio have changed bumpers, back wings and have completed the car with a new spoiler and 18-inch the chromeplated wheel disks with rubber Cooper Zeon.

Masters Roush Perfomance also have replaced a suspension bracket of the car and modernised a radiator. For transformation standard Ford Mustang in Roush 427R it's necessary to lay out at least $14,000US.

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