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Americans condemn General Motors and Chrysler


The American public negatively concerns bankruptcy of motorcar giants General Motors and Chrysler.

Company Rasmussen has interrogated 1000 Americans and has found out, that only 38% of consumers positively concern to GM, and 21% — is the extremely negative. About Chrysler 34% interrogated positively respond, is negative — 23%, writes Triton-Import.

And, on the contrary, 66% interrogated take a positive view of company Ford, and only 22 % — are negative. As a rule, consumers respect the company that company Ford did not need the financial help of the government and bankruptcy. 46% interrogated are ready to buy car Ford, and only 17% will prefer production GM. As a whole 88% interrogated recognised, that have felt on itself as the automobile industry for economy of the USA is important.

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