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Chrysler demands from Daimler $$$ billions

Chrysler vs Daimler

According to claim applicants, as a result of sale by German concern Daimler of 19,9% of actives of company Chrysler in 2007, to concern Chrysler the financial damage at a rate of three billions American dollars has been caused to financial investor Cerberus.

Chrysler vs Daimler

The New York court on affairs about bankruptcy should solve on August, 13th a question on legal legitimacy of this claim. In the meantime concern Daimler already named charges of creditors Chrysler groundless. Now gone bankrupt company Chrysler has concluded an alliance with Italian concern Fiat.

Let's remind, German Daimler-Benz AG has united with American motor-car manufacturer Chrysler in 2000. However for seven years merge of two motor-car manufacturers and has not justified assigned expectations. In the end of April, 2009 it became known that German autoconcern Daimler cancels the share in American autobuilding company Chrysler at a rate of 19,9%. Cost of this share holding is henceforth equaled to zero. German representatives has agreed to forgive to Americans the credits given in 2007 when alliance Daimler-Chrysler has broken up and practically investment fund Cerberus became absolute master Chrysler.

German Daimler-Benz

Daimler AG owns brands Maybach, Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, Sterling, Western Star and Setra. On October, 5th, 2007 shareholders were DaimlerChrysler AG have approved the decision of board of directors on company renaming in Daimler AG. Change of the name of concern speaks end in August, 2007 of the transaction on sale to private investment fund Cerberus Capital Management of American division Chrysler, and also necessity to differentiate uniform corporate mark of concern with automobile brands more accurately.

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