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Chrysler Sebring
Sedan Chrysler 200

Company Chrysler declassify Chrysler 200. At present the US motor-car manufacturer extended only photos of an exterior of this car, practically not informing about its technical stuffing.

2011 Chrysler 200

Crysler only confirmed info: new sedan will be offered with the 2,4-litre 4-cylinder gasoline engine. Also, company Chrysler noticed: in comparison with model Sebring the new sedan received more rigid body, recustomized and more comfortable, the improved noise isolation, and also new tyres of car wheels.

Chrysler 200
Lancia by Chrysler
Chrysler 200 (Lancia)
Sedan Chrysler
2011 Chrysler

As informed earlier, under Chrysler brand the new model can be bought only in the USA. In the European car market the updated sedan Chrysler 300 is planned to sell under Lancia brand.

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