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Spare parts for used cars are in demand

For used cars

In the conditions of falling of demand for new cars, dealers reconstruct strategy of the business, paying special attention to quality of service, and also sale of spare parts for used cars.

Used Cars & Parts — it's profitable!

Thus, turn to the European structure of incomes in a car business is looked through, informed in the new report of a site «Motor Trend» on automobile sales in the USA.

It is indicative, for example, in company Chrysler the gain from service (sales Used Car Parts inclusive) at a rate of 7% from a total sum gives 33% of the income. On service making profit dealers have the marketing plans recognised strategic, especially in the conditions of crisis.

Already in the end of 2009, the cumulative income of sales of new cars, essentially is less, than the income received from service and sales of used cars. However not all can count on it. Those companies which have entered the market not so long ago, had not time to turn out yet client base, and have accordingly appeared are deprived a life buoy. The rests should lift quality of rendering of service services.

How to Find Used Car Parts?

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