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Toyota FJ Cruiser became more powerful and more expensive

Toyota FJ

The Japanese company has adjusted manufacture of off-road car Toyota FJ Cruiser in the beginning of 2006. Like it would be time to make a face lifting, but company Toyota Motor have dared while only at easy updating of modelling year 2010. As a result the major change — installation of more powerful engine.

Toyota FJ Cruiser

Under a cowl hardly the improved off-road cars the one and only unit — V6 by volume four litres still will be put. Thus freshened Toyota even has moderated appetite — with 12,52 litre on 100 km — to 11,9.

However there are also other changes, let and scanty. For example, engineers have recustomized a forward suspension bracket so that the turn radius has decreased on 30 see And still Japanese have added in scale of colouring green body colouring — Army Green. But if to exclude from the list these two positions, rise in price Toyota FJ Cruiser on $360 (to $23,680) with interest pays off the modernised engine.

2011 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Toyota FJ Cruiser

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