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Ford Motor + Volvo = ?

Ford and Volvo

Lost in struggle for Opel competitor General Motors — Ford Motor can invite for a negotiating table. Ford, searching for the buyer on the Swedish division on manufacture of cars Volvo, recently has suspended negotiations in hope to try to receive higher price, the person close to Ford has told The Wall Street Journal.

Ford + Volvo = Opel

As he said, in Ford have decided to wait for an outcome of negotiations on sale Opel and hope to invite lost company to negotiations, to discuss possibility of sale Volvo. Concern Ford is full determination to aggravate a competition in struggle for the Swedish motor-car manufacturer.

On Opel apply consortium Magna and Belgian RHJ International. Chinese Beijing Automotive Industry Holding Company (BAIC), also made an application, from negotiations has actually left. According to source WSJ, in purchase Volvo are interested the same BAIC, Chinese Geely Holding Group and group of the European investors.

Opel and Volvo, however, strongly differ on business scales. Sales Opel in 2008 have made 1,5 million cars, Volvo — three times it is less. as not possible.

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